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Wooden houses – energy saving houses – technology

Heating at low costs.

The main house maintenance cost is the cost of energy necessary for heating the building. One has only to remember that it is a cost that you incur each year, throughout the building's service life.

A way for many-year-long savings is building a wooden house that is of an energy-saving standard characterized by a lower heating demand. The houses we produce are created with having the largest possible energy waste and heating reduction in mind – the warm wooden frame technology in which the walls' cross section consists of a thermal insulation layer. The architectural solutions applied make our energy-saving houses provide the highest comfort of living and low running costs for their inhabitants.

Thanks to the natural characteristics of frame structures that possess perfect insulating parameters, within the stages of production and construction, we are able to provide you with houses meeting the strict NF 40 norms for a reasonable price.

In all our house designs, we pay particular attention to external wall insulation, creating a compact form of the buildings and arranging the interior in an optimal way that makes use of natural solar energy and allows to limit heating and lighting expenses. A crucial assembling factor in energy-saving houses is attention to detail – for example using a set of unsuitable windows or doors of low quality may undermine all our efforts aimed at making the house stable and warm; additional expenses incurred while trying to adjust the design to the NF 40 standard will then be wasted.

In the energy-saving version of homes, we often also apply solutions allowing for heat recovery – recuperative installations. In these kinds of buildings we also use ecological and convenient heating installations that generate energy from renewable sources – solar, wind and earth, that come in the form of heat pumps (air or drilled) and photovoltaic panels.

These solutions allow us to offer you the house of your dreams that is not only stable and fast to construct but also modern and cheap to maintain.

Our energy-saving houses meet all the requirements of modern life – they combine the comfort of everyday use with an environment-friendly approach.

Within our production offer concerning energy-saving homes you will find bungalows, storey houses, with or without a habitable attic. We perform our own designs or carry out individualized ones, making your dream home come true.


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