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Wooden summer houses

We are a producer of summer houses in frame technology. A house's frame of this type consists of columns made of Scandinavian, planed and kiln-dried spruce timber. For production, we only use sawn timber and materials of tested quality. The spaces between the columns are filled with rock wool for insulation purposes. The walls are then finished with plasterboards, panelling boards or OSB. The houses' exterior is usually covered with facade boards.

Wooden summer houses

The production process encompasses manufacturing such prefabricated elements in our production plant as walls, floor or roof panels. After transport they are mounted on your property into the specified structure. Owing to the undergone prefabrication process, the assembly time is shortened – in most cases just after 2 or 3 days you are able to enjoy a lake or sea house of your dreams.


Wooden summer houses

Wooden summer houses made by Partner mean:

  • performing ready-made designs or individualized ones requested by the client
  • attractive pricing
  • quick assembly
  • a comprehensive service with counselling included
  • only raw materials of tested quality
  • a wide range of structure colours available
  • a technology that makes optional future house extensions easy
  • a summer version of structures – without heating
  • a weekend version – with 10-centimetre thick rock wool insulation and a 15-centimetre thick insulation for floors and roofs
  • beautiful exterior finishes
  • a cost-free price evaluation
  • durability for long years



The house's elements – walls and floor panels – are made in our factory with the use of specialized assembly tables. During manufacture, window and door frames along with the facade are mounted and they are, still at the production plant, impregnated with any colour of your choosing. When necessary, the structure's frame is filled with wool and covered with a special type of finishing material. Wiring distribution boxes and tubes are also fitted to set up the electrical installation.


Ready-made house elements are transported to the building site where their assembly begins which involves fitting together already prepared parts according to the design plan.

transport - wooden summer houses

Owing to the fact that this process only requires fitting together particular parts at their destination, it can be performed quickly and thoroughly. Assembling a house from our standard offer usually takes about 1 to 2 days. This allows to avoid the risk of flooding and wetting the insulation and structure.

Wooden summer houses

The wooden houses offered by PARTNER can be ordered in two basic standards: summer and weekend.


SUMMER version – without thermal insulation. It is recommended for houses that will be used only during the summer period.

WEEKEND version – the house comes with internal wall insulation (10-centimetre thick rock wool) as well as roof and floor insulation (15-centimetre thick). This allow for a significant extension of the period of use. Wooden houses insulated with rock wool are characterised by very low heat accumulation. This means that a house of this type can be quickly and easily heated even during bad weather conditions.

The walls' modularity allows to quickly insulate and cover the walls with plasterboard or facade board. Keeping the module's size at 60 centimetres allows also to minimize any possible waste output. The easy assembly of finishing elements gives the option of a do-it-yourself assembly and to set up the heating successively which gives more options for clients having a limited budget.


SUMMER version

Specification of standard houses in our offer:

SUMMER version

  • Wall structure – spruce/pine C24, four-sides planed, kiln-dried, 45 x 95 millimetres, wood moisture up to 18%, covered with a facade board and a wind protection board,
  • Chest flooring made from sawn timber, kiln-dried, 45 x 145 millimetres, covered with tongue-in-groove floor boards or OSB
  • Facade – pine covering board with tongue-in-groove connectors, impregnated from the outside with colouring wood priming oil
  • Roof structure – prefabricated roof trusses – spruce/pine C24, four-sides planed, kiln-dried, wood moisture up to 18%
  • Roof covering – sheet metal roofing on roof battens, roof membrane
  • Flashings from coated metal sheets
  • PVC window frames
  • Steel external doors with a woodgrain veneer, insulated
  • Stairs (if present) – simple, milled – spruce/pine
  • Transport and assembly within the distance of 100 kilometres from the producer's headquarters (when above 100 kilometres, the transport and assembly cost is calculated individually)

WEEKEND version – insulated

  • Floor and roof insulated – 15-centimetre thick rock wool
  • Insulated walls – 10-centimetre thick rock wool
  • Vapour-proofing – vapour-barrier foil
  • Covering the roof and walls from the interior with plasterboard or panelling boards

Our houses can be further equipped with:

  • Window or roller shutters
  • Guttering
  • A furnished kitchen
  • Sets of furniture
  • A different type of roof covering: roof tiles, bituminous roofing shingles, corrugated plates
  • Wooden windows
  • An additional layer of thermal insulation
  • Spiral stairs or stairs with staircase landings
  • Electrical, water and sewage installations, heating systems
  • A chimney

There is also the option to buy the house elements for a do-it-yourself assembly.

Each of our houses can be adjusted to your needs both in terms of dimensions and the degree of finishing.

wooden house

Thanks to this we can offer small summer houses for individual clients as well as houses for whole camping sites, wooden houses for agricultural tourism, or for whole holiday resorts comprised of smaller or larger structures.

summer houses

More details along with the price evaluation and optional counselling aimed at matching the offer to your needs and wishes will be supplied to you by our company's experienced team of advisors and merchants.

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