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Mobile homes

Mobile homes – technology

The mobile homes we produce are developed on a steel frame equipped with axles and wheels. They are fully produced by us inside the factory – along with the roof and equipment. The buildings are moved to their destination on a car transporter or a low-loader semi-trailer depending on the structure's size. Assembly works are limited to setting up the house in the previously chosen and prepared area and connecting it to utility supply installations.

Mobile homes - transport

Thanks to this kind of solution you are able to enjoy your own house by the lake right from the delivery arrival day and the house can be transported, whenever there's the need, to another destination.

The houses can be used as summer lake or sea houses, residential, offices, social housing, commercial buildings or warehouses. It is also possible to combine a number of buildings into a larger one, setting up a total surface of up to 100 square metres or above.

Mobile homes

When choosing a house you may select one of our ready-made designs – as a rule, our houses are 25 to 48 square metres in surface, have a living room with a kitchenette, a bathroom and 1 to 3 bedrooms. You are also welcome to ask us to design and construct a house that will fulfil your individual expectations. In that scenario, you yourself decide upon the house's dimension, the number of bedrooms, the arrangement of walls and room sizes.

Mobile homes

The house's roof and wall structures are made of Scandinavian sawn wood – dried, planed and mechanically sorted. The frame that constitutes the structure is normally filled with rock wool – 100 mm thick and 150 mm inside the floor and ceiling. This type of solution makes for a solid and warm wall. Houses insulated this way may be used even in the winter period. Upon request we can also construct a house with a thicker insulation layer.

Mobile homes

The steel house frame is made of solid safe anti-corrosive steel profiles. The floor area is closed with a steel sheet from below, which provides protection against vermin and dampness.

The house's roof and walls are covered with vapour and wind barrier foil. The external elevation is finished with a tongue and groove wall board, a steel sheet or a PVC siding. From the interior, we apply tongue and groove panelling boards, MDF panels or PVC. The OSB board or plywood flooring is finished with floor panels, a PVC carpet or floor boards.

Mobile homes

The houses are equipped with complete installations: electrical, water, a draining system or electrical heating. They are also equipped with connectors allowing for an easy and fast power connection.


The roof covering is made of a trapezoid metal sheet, panel steel tiles or roofing shingles.

The house may be equipped with:

  • a kitchen with all the necessary household appliances: a fridge, cooker, cooker hood and sink,
  • bathroom equipment: shower, washbasin, washing machine, toilet bowl, boiler or cabinets.
  • living room and bedroom furniture

Mobile homes

When signing the contract, you choose the facade and finishing materials to be used for the house's walls, floor and roof. We consult with you the arrangement of the rooms and the colours of specified materials and the optional room equipment or furniture.

Each house comes with our standard three-year warranty. All the materials used for their production are new and made by qualified workers.

Mobile homes


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