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Mechanically cut trusses

A well-designed and performed roof is one of the most important parts of a correctly constructed building.

On the basis of your own building designs and with the help of the DIETRICH'S and CADSIS software created to design wooden structures, we perform ready-made, computer-cut traditional trusses. These programmes allow us to create a full workshop documentation, enable us to check and verify the structures before cutting them out. They allow us to accurately measure the elements and to perform woodwork with millimetre-wise precision. Due to that, already at the planning phase we are certain that your structure will be performed correctly and that its elements are appropriately matched. Thanks to their optimisation function, the programmes enable economical material usage – you don not have to buy surplus materials to be cut at the building site. This allows to reduce construction costs.

Mechanically cut trusses - 3D model

This software enables a precise calculation of:

  • the sawn timber's volume required
  • the surface of roof areas
  • the surface of soffits of overhangs and roof gables
  • the number of required roof battens and barge boards
  • the actual length of roof lines (roof ridges, overhangs, roof valleys etc.) which allows to order the necessary covering and roofing accessories in an easy and precise manner


Mechanically cut trusses

After the design phase, the construction elements are moved to the numerically controlled carpentry machining centre made by HUNDEGGER. The machine automatically and with maintaining the highest precision produces carpentry connections, king pins, notches and cuts. It also guarantees a high precision of the elements produced.

Machining enables the elimination of various types of carpentry connections, guide rails etc. The structure's assembly is also quicker and easier – it only requires fitting ready-made elements together. The specific structure elements. i.e. trusses are factory numbered and you receive, along with the trusses, a complete manual and corresponding assembly pictures and a full set of necessary fittings.


3D model - mechanically cut trusses

The structure's assembly is performed by our specialized assembly teams.

The sawn timber used for construction is impregnated with agents protecting against fire, fungi and insects. We use the immersion method of impregnation, immersing the sawn timber in salt formulations.

The timber that we use for producing trusses is sorted via a visual method according to norms applicable to the C24 and C30 classes. We issue a declaration of conformity for the product. The products are transported to their destination by a HDS vehicle country-wide.


Mechanically cut trusses - transport

Upon your request, we are able to machine visible structure elements through planing and bevelling. We also offer various types of intermediate rafters, eaves and purlins and a wide range of colours of wood impregnates. This way we are confident that our roof structure, after its assembly, will serve you for long years, no matter the weather conditions or time passing by.

We offer you professional prefabrication of structures made of both wood supplied to us or available in stock.

Mechanically cut trusses

Our offer is directed at both individual clients as well as experts. As an experienced wood structure manufacturer, we ensure a comprehensive treatment of solid or glued wood by using state-of-the art technologies that guarantee the highest precision of the products executed.

If you do not possess a wood chart, please contact our company and we will send you one along with our offer without any extra charges.

We look forward to working with construction companies and carpentry teams.

Mechanically cut trusses

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