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Wooden houses – dwellings – technology

Your dream home coming to life easier and faster than you might think.

Your dream home coming to life easier and faster than you might think.

Do you remember your first drawings? Two lines that were supposed to be walls, a sloping roof covered with red tiles, a door and window, a chimney with smoke coming out of it.

This may seem strange but today your dream home also starts with a drawing – a project. Together we will make the dreams on paper come true.

Wooden houses – dwellings

Choosing the technology to build your house is a matter as important as choosing the design itself. By selecting a specific technology, you're also picking your lifestyle. There are very few technologies on the market that are as nature-friendly, as financially undemanding when it comes to raw materials and construction, and at the same time as warm and resident-friendly as our prefabricated frame houses.

The building's low costs of construction and future use, the short building time, coupled with using optimal solutions from the ecological standpoint mean one thing – having your own wooden home is something to be rightly proud of.

10 reasons for building a wooden house with Partner?

1. Quick performance

Quick performance – the average development time for the whole building is 2 months and owing to prefabrication, it is also possible to perform construction works in winter; the house is ready to move into virtually the day it is finished.

2. Lower construction costs

Lower construction costs – a short construction period protects you from price fluctuations of materials, limits costs connected with running the building site and you know the exact investment costs at the price evaluation phase. Wooden houses are much lighter than masonry housing – which translates into the possibility of making lighter, cheaper foundations and performing construction works even on uneven grounds on which the construction of masonry houses would be impossible.

3. Energy-saving properties

Energy-saving properties – Our houses are very warm – which amounts to very low heating bills. Thanks to the low heat accumulation of walls, just like in a vacuum flask, your house will stay warm and cosy even in the coldest winter days. It is so because the whole wall consists almost entirely of insulation materials. Even our standard wall has a thermal transmittance factor of about U=0,14 – 0,15 [W/m²*K]. Our house thus does not need to have walls as thick as in a medieval castle to be warm and energy-saving.

Energy-saving properties

4. The walls' low thickness

The walls' low thickness allows to obtain additional space – in the case of a building of 120 square metres it may even be 15 square metres. You may consider how to make use of the new room, whether to make it into an office or to create a small gym of your own that you always wanted.

5. Easy extension capabilities

Easy extension capabilities – at any time without losing its characteristics of performance – your home can become bigger along with your family owing to the fact that the house can be easily reconstructed and that the installations and the rooms' assigned use can be changed any moment you wish – why should your bathroom stay a bathroom forever?

6. A unique microclimate

A unique microclimate – wood is a very “precious” material, accompanying humankind for centuries; imagine a house with a foresty scent, warm during winter and enjoyably refreshing during summer

7. Quiet interiors

Quiet interiors – Rock wool filling the walls is a solid acoustic insulator – it thoroughly suppresses sounds and vibrations. This lets you enjoy a little nap with commotion going on outside that otherwise wouldn't let you hear yourself think.

8. Durability

Durability – Wooden houses are long-lived; the tried-and-tested wood machining technology and high quality of materials used will allow you to enjoy your house for long years

Wooden houses - dwellings - technology

9. Fire resistance

Fire resistance – The sawn timber of four-sides planed wood with bevelled edges make flames slide on the wood's surface and the rock wool filling the walls as well as plasterboards covering them make for an additional superior fireproof layer.

10. Environment-friendliness

Environment-friendliness – It's worth noting that you live in a house made of environmentally-friendly, renewable materials. Prefabrication limits the garbage and waste produced during manufacture and construction. It is also worth being aware that by our active involvement, we do whatever we can to leave the world cleaner for our children.

Wooden houses

Our goal is to make sure that you will enjoy your house for long years. That is why we only use a tested technology and highest quality raw materials.

Working with us, you can be assured of the wood's quality and consequently of its durability and stability. It is because we use Scandinavian sawn timber, four-sides planed, with rounded edges, kiln-dried and mechanically sorted to ensure durability.

Harsh and frosty Scandinavian winters make the trees cultivated by locals there provide perfect quality timber.

Wooden houses

In our headquarters we discuss all the construction matters at hand and create a construction plan according to your wishes. Detailed technical drawings are developed on the basis of which wooden elements of the house's structure are cut out with a millimetre-wise precision. Thanks to prefabrication you can be certain that the dimensions will perfectly correspond to the drawing and that the walls will keep their vertical positions.

Wooden houses

From finely cut and numbered wooden beams complete walls, ceilings and trusses are then assembled on designated machinery according to the technical drawing. The structure's empty spaces are filled with rock wool, windows are mounted along with doors and protecting tubes for the electrical installation; holes are milled for power sockets. After fitting the vapour insulation, the walls are covered with OSB and plasterboard.

Using only tested materials for production coupled with a strict adherence to required norms, guarantees the structure's durability and your many-year-long enjoyment of having it.


Ready-made elements are then transported onto the building site where they are assembled on a pre-prepared foundation slab. The maximal use of prefabrication assures you that after a mere few days you will be able to enjoy your house in a closed-in condition. Completing a house towards its turn-key phase normally requires 8 to 14 weeks.

Ready-made elements

We possess catalogues of house designs from which you may pick one of your choosing. We are also able to construct a house according to a design you deliver. Our constructors gladly offer their help regarding any matters related to construction and technological solutions.

Wooden houses – dwellings

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