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Our company has started its activities in the beginning of the 1990s. We began by selling building materials. Step by step, we transformed from a small warehouse into one of the largest distributors of building materials in the region.

Being successful allowed us to develop further – the company's main headquarters has been moved to a closed brickyard which we managed to expand and thus we gained a vast warehousing and storage area.

The owner's large experience and extensive knowledge about the building industry and a thorough analysis of the construction market brought positive effects.

In the year 1992 we started producing prefabricated wooden structures – roof trusses. It was made possible by the arrival of a new technology previously unavailable in Poland that allowed for time- and money saving. As precursors on the Polish market, we are proud of the fact that the prefabrication technology is gaining in popularity and is being applied not only for performing industrial facilities but has also earned the trust of individual investors.

After gaining the experience necessary for performing complex wooden structures at the beginning of 2001, we expanded our production lines. Owing to this, we were able to begin constructing all-year and summer wooden houses with the use of frame technology. The experience that we've gained by producing wooden structures and close contact with our Swedish partners have allowed us to offer our clients products of highest quality raw materials and at the same time to maintain a price beneficial for the investor.

In the year 2010, amidst the growing market demand, we extended our offer by the production of modular and mobile homes. These kinds of solutions make it possible to perform complete buildings from ready-made units that are produced in the assembly room and transported in their entirety to the building site. Mobile houses, on the other hand, let us enjoy living in areas where no permanent structures are allowed.

In the year 2012, purchasing a state-of-the-art wood working CNC centre produced by Hundegger allowed us to offer our clients a service of cutting out ready-made traditional trusses. Computer controlled saws enable us to make very precise cuttings and the set of milling units – to fully process the sawn timber together with wood connectors.

In 2014 we opened a development department and started building our first complete housing estate in the frame technology.

The Swedish constructors and technologists who helped us take the first steps in the field of prefabrication instilled in us the responsibility of offering the best possible quality which is a common practice in Scandinavian countries.

Our facilities and houses are therefore used to the benefit of investors in Poland, as well as in Germany, Denmark, Norway, France, Holland and Sweden.


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