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Passive buildings

Comfort and money saving.

During the construction of one's dream house the investors often inquire about its energy-saving parameters, so that it would fully fulfil their wishes.

The investors' growing knowledge about the insulation and energy-saving standards that have to be met by the structures being built as well as the desire to live in a healthy and environment-friendly house have made the building industry face the perspective of having to build new structures that would meet the standards of energy-saving and passive buildings.

Aiming to achieve a close to perfect saving of primary energy that will be used for heating our building, is a goal set up for the passive construction industry. The lowering of thermal transmission of external walls, windows becoming more airtight and warm, heating and heat recovery ventilation technologies becoming cheaper and more available make it possible from a technological perspective to construct a house in which the primary heating expenses do not exceed 15 kWh/m²a. The main heating factors in the building will be: its inhabitants, the electrical devices at work, solar energy and heat recovery from the ventilated air and its heating.

The passive house building technology fits perfectly into the concept of prefabricated building. Your house's frame and walls are created in stable, factory conditions. Owing to production process automation we get a very precise, millimetre-wise accuracy of the elements produced. Thanks to optimisation starting from the planning phase, the number of material required for production is accurately adjusted which minimizes the output of useless garbage and waste. Using only natural raw materials, i.e. wood, wood-based panels, rock wool, plasterboard etc., guarantees that the house will be fully environment-friendly and safe for the health of its inhabitants.

There are basic requirements in this regard that have to be met for our houses to receive the Passive House certificate.

It has to be noted that other factors that are significant when building a passive house, apart from construction and insulation materials, are taking into account the lot parameters, the house's location in terms of geographic directions, its sun exposure or the shape of surroundings. Investors look for dwellings within suitably formed grounds, e.g. on a slope or between rows of trees, that protect the house from wind and provide a sufficient level of sunlight exposure. Then and only then can we count on receiving relevant certificates.

Having large experience, we offer you our help and counselling from the early stages of making a decision about building the house of your dreams.


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